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Mine is still happening but infrequently so I don't understand that as I commute the same way to work, drive the same sytle (no harsh take off or braking) and the temperature has been the same for weeks now (so not a warm up etc. type thing).
The best way I can explain it is if you ever wired up a car stereo (incorectly) when you were a kid and the "whiring" noise of the alternator came through your speakers, that is the sound but an even higher frequency and it doesn't change (frequency/pitch).
It happened the other day when I pulled into my garage as I creep in slowly so I am riding the brakes. This time I put it is park and instead of hitting the power button and taking my foot off the brake like usual, I kept the power on and took my foot off the brake (the sound stopped) but when I put my foot back on it made the noise. So I was not moving, in park and it would still do it when pumping the brakes. Can anyone else try this?
I think it just might be the electronics involved in the braking process (regenerative or not) but again it never did this in the first weeks of ownership.
Remember that just about all of us have iPhones or blackberries and most phones now days have the capability to Record. Record if possible this way you have the proof of noise for the service guys. Just a thought..
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