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Looking to purchase 2011 200CT for about $24,500. Is this possible?

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I live near Dallas,TX..if u know of one please text [email protected]
Thanks, Allison
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Possible yes. Two months ago I bought a CPO 2011 with 24,500 miles for $26,600 from the dealer. So I certainly think you could get into the $24K-$25K range private party. The main problem for me was just that there aren't that many of these cars out there. So after searching for a couple of months I finally got sick of waiting and went for what I could find in the area. :)
Here is the link from with all of the CT200h's (15) in the country under $25,000. As in anything, due diligence will have to be done and a thorough check of the cars will be needed. As all but one is from a Lexus dealership, you may need to have a technician who is familiar with Lexus' check out the cars before you buy. The closest one to you in in Alabama and then you're looking at having to travel upwards of 800+ miles. There are 4 of them at Sewell Lexus and Park Place Lexus combined under $27,000 but it would appear that finding a local $24k CT is going to be tough. Good luck.

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