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Hi there. I'm looking from some direction for you pros. I'm really interested in buying a CT200h. They are quite hard to come by where I live in BC, Canada. My friend is selling his 2012, 130K (leather with no nav/camera) for 13000 CDN. The car is in good condition. Was hit when parked by a bus but apparently all cosmetic and has been repaired.
I'm wondering your thoughts on this year and KMs. My main worry is that I'm going to buy it and all of a sudden have to put a bunch of money into it in the next couple of years (potentially replacing battery etc).
Any thoughts would be appreciated,
Make sure you see it start for the first time in the morning. If the car is warm when you go or the seller won't let you see it in the morning for the cold start, WALK AWAY
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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