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So I'm looking at picking up a CT, but am a bit confused by all the options/packages out there on exactly what I can get.

Here's what I'd like....

2011 Lexus CT200h
White exterior, Caramel nuluxe interior

+ Premium audio package
+ Auto-dimming mirror with compas and backup camera
+ LED low-beam lights
+ F-Sport trident 5-spoke wheels

I know I don't want leather seats, and don't need the navigation system.

Is it possible to get this configuration? Anyone have it?
Not sure about the auto-dimming mirror and compass with backup camera but I just ordered a similar car in early March...I got the white exterior/caramel Nuluxe with LED headlamps, Prem Audio, NAV and some port installed stuff will take awhile but I do know the LED headlamps ARE a standalone option so it can be ordered. As far as finding a car in the US with LED's and no doesn't exist unless it was specially ordered that way because of the initial trim packages, cars with LED lights were only a 1% build so they all came loaded with leather and other things. I love the color of the Nuluxe caramel too....either with black or white exterior. If I keep waiting long enough, I might just go get a Prius
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