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Hey everyone. I'm picking up my Matador Red/Ecru CT this weekend and was wondering if anyone has taken their CT on any long-distance road trips within the first few months of ownership (long-distance = 600+ miles one-way).

Was planning on road tripping in the summer and wanted to know general information (MPG, performance, etc.)

Thanks all.
As I only live on a small island, The United Kingdom............ In the first two weeks of owning the car I drove some 300 miles, took nearly 6 hours so I guess it was a good test. I found the car to be extremely comfortable and it averaged 48 mpg, driving at the spped limit (honest officer!). The owners guide though does suggest that for the first few hundred miles you should avoid driving at a fixed speed for too long, so I would just point this out, I used the cruise control for about half of the trip and found the whole experience a joy. Also, what I would add is that after a while you notice that the car isn't as noisy as you first think, yes the engine sounds like it will jump out from under the bonnet, sorry hood when accelerating hard but once you are at crusing speed everything calms down.

Enjoy and welcome to the club!
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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