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I installed new rims and snow tires on my wife's car and did not install TPM sensors in the new rims.

The oem rims with tires and TPM sensors are stored in the garage on a storage rack.

My wife can drive to work and back (about 6 miles round trip) and the TPMS icon on the dash does not illuminate.

If she drives further, maybe more than 8 miles, the icon illuminates. But when her car is back in the garage the TPMS system resets itself and the icon is no longer illuminated.

My point is that this TPMS system is pretty ineffective in the way it operates and indicates actual low tire pressures or TPM sensors that are not working. Compared with for example my BMW which recognizes the loss of the TPMS signal after driving only a few feet and doesn't reset itself unless the rims, tires and TPM sensors are on the car and actually rotating.

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I just chalk it up to Lexus Logic. I'm sure Lexus engineers and their marketing team spent countless man-hours testing, analyzing and deciding why this fault should not be recognized in a normal amount of time. It's all in their pursuit of perfection.

Or, perhaps the tire pressure monitor sensors have a really long range. ;)
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