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In a bid to capitalize on the publicity surrounding this year's Australia Grand Prix Formula 1 event, Lexus will hold the world's first hybrid only race.

The field will be made up exclusively of CT200h models, just as Lexus introduces the car to the Aussie market. Aiming to change the perception that hybrids are only for the ultra-granolas, Lexus Australia exec Peter Evans hopes to send a message that the company's latest hybrid can also deliver fun behind the wheel.

Unfortunately, while companies like Porsche are pushing forward with real hybrid race technology in cars like the 918 RSR, this Lexus race is really just a publicity stunt and the field of drivers will be made up of celebrities. There will, however, be some sports open to regular folks, with every customer who purchases a CT200h entered into a draw to compete

More: Lexus Planning World's First Hybrid-Only Race During Australian Grand Prix on
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