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I was at an unveiling here in Montreal by Lexus Spinelli. They have 2 dealerships, one in Pointe Claire and another in Lachine.

Anyways, I noticed that they had a stack of "$500 off on CT200h" coupons at the entrance. I took one to see if I could get the $500 off on my vehicle (I already ordered mine and should be getting it this Friday).

Anyways, I didn't think about picking up a stack of them though I should have. When I go to pick up my car, I will ask the dealer to see if he has any more of them lying around. If he does, I will take them and mail them out to any members here who are looking to buy the CT200h.

The coupon is exclusive to both Lexus Spinelli locations and expires on May 31st.

I will update this post on Friday. Any local members who are interested can PM me their mailing address and I will send them out to you.

Update April 2nd: Picked up my CT yesterday and they allowed me to apply the $500 coupon to my purchase. Unfortunately they did not have any more coupons to hand out. Sorry guys!
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