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Wasn't really sure where to post this, or even what to call it.

My wife wanted the Lexus door sills that light up, but I'm not willing to pay what they want.
So, I got her this instead:

$7 on eBay for the 2 of them.
I may do the rears down the road. See how these hold up first.

You can get them in both 12 volt and 3 AAA versions. Of course, with the 12 volt ones, you need to tap into a 12 volt dome light power source, as well as run the wires through to do the door from the body of the car. They are also designed to be drilled into your cup holder area on your door panel.
So, I opted for the battery ones.
Just line them up with where you want them to go, and stick them on.

Only issues I may run into are the batteries in the winter time.
But, for $7 it was worth the try.
I opted for the battery ones,
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