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Lexus IS wheels on the CT?

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Are the standard CT wheels 17x8? 17x7?

I'm not really digging the standard 10-spoke wheels and am not so sure about the trident 5-spoke optional wheels.

So I'm looking at other Lexus wheels.
I DO like the wheels of the older IS. They're 17x7", and I think the offset is 50, I'm just wondering if they'd fit on the CT.

Anyone have an idea of know offhand other Lexus wheels that would fit?
I'm a fan of 5-spoke wheels.
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Wont fit
IS Bolt circle - 5 lug 4.5 inch or 114.3mm Bolt Circle High Positive Offset

CT is 5 x 100 mm bolt circle
I had also been looking at this approach but still haven't decided. You would need to add a spacer adapter, the spacer would add about 22mm to the offset outwards. Can anyone answer about if this is a safety concern?
^ probably not a good way to go regarding adapter spacers. i'd just get a proper set of wheels that fit the 5x100 pcd with a nice offset.
Yeah thats most likely the way I will go, I was just asking because I have the wheels from my current IS and would have saved me purchasing new ones. Thanks cenix :)
I have Volk racing RE30's on my IS300......and would totally put them on the CT if it weren't for the 5x100 issue. I was contemplating a spacer conversion of 114-->100....but I just don't like the un-clean-liness of that...... so I got the TE37's.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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