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Looks to me like the 17" option is the curved alternating spoke wheel.
I do like that option best.. Big bucks I'm sure.

LEXUS - Lexus CT 200h. The world's first Full Hybrid luxury compact

Beyond solving the mystery of the three extra exterior colours, the new Lexus Europe CT 200h Colours page also reveals the three wheel options available in Europe. Standard is a 15" five-spoke wheel which, while not unattractive in and of itself, its fairly flat face and tall tire sidewalls are too reminiscent of the current, 3rd-generation Toyota Prius' standard wheels. The first upgrade option is a set of 10-spoke, 16" wheels that, at a glance, appear similar to the widely seen and photographed 10-spoke, 17" wheels minus the curved alternating spokes. And those 17-inchers are, of course, the third and final factory upgrade. Unless, that is, Lexus sees fit to offer something more compelling as part of the F-Sport accessory line here in the States...
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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