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I am currently in Indiana and plan to move to Illinois in the next 3 months. Is it a good idea to buy the Lexus CT 200h from a dealership in Indiana, when I know that 3 months from now I will be in Illinois and would have to take it to a different dealership in Illinois for any support required?
Do Lexus dealerships treat all Lexus owners the same irrespective of where they bought their cars?
Also, would there be any dealership perks (for buying the car from them) that I would lose when I move to a different area and start getting the service for muy car from a different dealer?

Any thoughts on the above questions would be much appreciated.


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Good question. I am in the same position. I currently live in Alaska, but will be moving to Phoenix. I would prefer buying in Alaska since there is no sales tax, plus I would like to have the CT for the drive to Arizona. So I too would like to know how the AZ dealership would treat me, having purchased my car from another dealership.
Welcome to Lexus. You should find the treatment at all Lexus Dealers very good whether you bought the car there or not.

I have had service at several Lexus Dealers in the states and have always been treated like royalty.
Remember dealerships are 2 businesses under one roof sales and service also any warranty issuses are paid for buy Lexus Corp. I have had several toyotas bought them atone dealership and serviced a another never any problems
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