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Lexus is set to offer an adjustable drive mode system on their upcoming CT200h hybrid hatchback, similar to systems from automakers like Nissan and Subaru.

While other performance hybrids, like the Honda CR-Z, are content with Normal, Sport and Eco modes, the CT200h has all of the above, plus an EV mode. As you can infer by the names, Normal is the standard setting, while Eco dials back the air-conditioning and throttle response and Sport sharpens up the throttle and steering. Stability control and traction control systems are also dialed back to give drivers a bit more fun behind the wheel.

The EV mode is a bit more interesting, and allows drivers to drive for one mile under electric power, but at speeds of 25 mph or under – a pretty useless feature, but a promising glimpse of things to come from Lexus. Autoguide will be previewing the CT200h at the end of September, so stay tuned for our driving impressions.

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