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Lexus ct200h remote engine connector/equipment PT398-76111 problems, help

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maybe you can help?
I bought lexus ct200h remote engine connector/equipment PT398-76111. I did all installation. But i can't did programing process. I try Cycle the “ENGINE START/STOP” Button from OFF to ON 5 times, but Hazard Lights don't Flash Once.
i'm depressed when i sleeping and dreaming what i do bad with programming :)

Sorry for my mistakes, english is it second language.

Best Regards
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If this is the direct connect module
The one that allows your normal Lexus remote to start the car, then programming is not required.. get out of car and lock it, wait a couple seconds and press the Lock button on the remote Three (3) times, should start right up
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I success. Remote engine from keys fine working.

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Please Help :cry:
I have bought an OEM Remote Engine Start (RES) unit PT398-76111 from USA. The problem is, that my car is European 2011 model and I do not have the H90 "8pin optional connector" that is located under the passenger side trim. I can buy the connector in our local Toyota/Lexus shop, but they do not have the wiring diagram of this connector. I have found that there are two wires in 3rd (BRX) and 7th (BTX) pin that goes to BCM, but in the RES connector there is a third wire (white/black) and I do not know, where that goes.

@Kestutis You are from Lithuania ? Does your car have H90 "optional connector" and what did you need to do to make the remote engine start funcional (something besides the instalation manual says) ?

Thank you very much for reply and best regards to all CT200h fans from Czech Republic.
Same problem.
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I have this wiring diagram if it can be of any help?
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So i have an update. I have bought the H90 option connector, two pins for H90 connector and two pins for connecting H16 connector (BCM connector) at Toyota dealership. With this I maked the BTX and BRX connection between RES unit and BCM unit.
And..... Yay !!! 🍾 I was able to make the initialization of RES unit how the instalation manual sayed (turn signal flashed and Techstream now comunicates with RES)
But there is another problem.... The RES doesn't work. :eek: When I press the remote....nothing happens.
I think the problem is that my car doesn't have a hood switch, so I ordered a new hood lock with hood open/close switch.

I will write if it worked.

Here are some pics:
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Hi, Zed,

When you programing with Techstream successful you need disconnected 1P RES cable.
Close front hood, all doors, with remote. And try remotely start engine. i'm tryd mybe 4 times then undestand how right push button :)
You need push two time fast clos door button ant third time push and hold unti the begining you car started blinking turn lights more time, mabe 8 times blinking. :) it’s mean you a did all corectly.

Hi @Kestutis I tried all of this but nothing. At end of december I will recive a hood lock with a hood switch so I hope that this would solve my problem because now the car doesn't know if the hood is open or closed.
I hope new part helpd you.
Because when my front hood open, in my car on board computer you see picture and show message about problem.

EDIT: Updated drawing to include IGN2 +12v
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I have ordered connector and pins and will try to hook up the new connector

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And half the job done:
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I have instaled the H90 connector and the pins (3rd and 7th) with wiring between BCM and H90. I have also instaled the hood lock with hood switch. But it doesn't work. I can now se the "Remote Engine Start" in Techstream, the RES acts like there is no car. So I have a spend few money to register at Toyota/Lexus service site to get some more info. And I found this:
Rectangle Slope Font Parallel Diagram

So you can see, that you need to connect the 5th pin in H90 connector to ignition (ECU IG no.2 Fuse). I bought these pins and I will instal them in the next moth when I will have vacation from work.

Some pictures from previous instalation of 3rd and 7th pin of H90 to BCM H16:
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Thank you. I wondered as the H90 had three wires
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So everything connected (H90 optional connector to H16 BCM and H90 to H118 Junction connector) as the wiring diagram says to. Then I connected the RES diagnostic connector following the instuctions for handshake and still no problem. The problem is, that even after I do the ID recognition in TechStream, the instalation instructions says in the last step to close the hood and the warning lights should flash and there´s the problem, that they don´t flash...
TechStream sees the RES unit as active, but when I look to RES unit it self, it says that ID recognition was not paired and It doesn´t work.

I have VXDiag nano for TechStream, but I think that this is TechStream Lite and I need to go to Toyota/Lexus dealership to do the ID recognition on their original TechStream laptop.
Where in H118 did you connect?
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It is only IGN2, that wil be engine running?
So any place you have engine on signal?

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@David in H118 junction connector the pin number 83 is the +12Volts input from ignition (ECU IG No.2 fuse) and as you can see in the picture, the output pins are 94, 93, 73, 63, 53, 43, 33, 23, 22, 13, 12, 4, 3 and 2. I made the connection to pin 53 because in my car it was a free pin.
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Added a third wire from F5/H90.
Now I'm ready to stretch the wires ;)
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So I have been at Toyota/Lexus dealer and used their TechStream Laptop and still the RES (remote engine start unit) doesn´t work. In fact when you have VXDiag + techstream you don´t need the official Techstream Laptop and you can program it by your self.
The real problem is, that my BCM (body control unit) is without theft defend system and it is not sending the hood switch information to RES unit. So now I´m confused if I should spend a big money to buy a new BCM or get some info about flashing BCM (the BCM unit knows the imputs, but there is just only a firmware "firewall" that is stopping them) or just leave the RES project abandoned

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Three times hooray. I finally installed a new body control unit "MPX" and the remote engine start works. Thanks to the new control unit, I even activated the car alarm (I also bought a siren and internal intrusion sensors).
So what's needed to be done:
1) instal remote engine start unit
2) instal H90 optional connector and do the wiring
3) instal hood switch
3) buy a new MPX control unit that can receive a signal from hood switch
Chart for European models 2011-2012 here:
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4) buy alarm siren - optional for alarm activation
5) buy interior map light intrusion sensors - optional for alarm activation
Tonight there will be one very drunk and very happy owner of CT200h in the Czech Republic
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