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Does anyone know what platform the CT200H is being built from?
The most detailed CT 200h information released by Lexus – the official Press Brochure put out by Lexus for the CT 200h world premiere at the Geneva Auto Show on Tuesday 2 March 2010 – describes the CT's platform as "all-new" in several places. It is quite notable, however, that it shares a 2600mm (102.4") wheelbase with the Toyota Corolla, Matrix and European-market Auris.

My pet theory, and one that has been neither confirmed nor denied by Lexus officials, is that CT 200h is the first vehicle to use the new, next-generation "Corolla" platform. Keep in mind, though, that Toyota platforms are very flexible, and this does NOT mean that Lexus CT is simply a rebodied Corolla. The Toyota is bound to keep a simpler and more basic torsion-beam rear live axle suspension, whereas the Lexus will have a more sophisticated, vastly superior double wishbone independent rear suspension.

A future Front Page story will delve into this subject in more detail.
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