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2012 Lexus CT200H - 111K
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Stop going to the dealership to solve your problems.

The battery in the ct200h is the same battery in the Gen3 Prius.

You have two options here:
1. Get a reconditioned battery and have it installed at a prius/hybrid car shop near you or install it by yourself. Its not that difficult. More information digging will get you there. Like I said. This vehicle shares components with Gen3 prius. Instructional video for the prius will be the same for ct200h.

2. Fix the individual cell yourself. The battery is composed of many individual cells. When one or two of the cells has an issue it affects the whole battery pack. Many people have replaced just a few battery cells and the car was back to good. Again. Like before, the ct200h has the same battery pack like prius gen3. There are plenty of instructional videos online for how to replace batterys individually.

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