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So my CT200h should be at the dealer this Wednesday. Hopefully they can deliver by Friday.

Anyways, I had the opportunity to pick up a set of OEM 17" Toyota alloy rims from a Matrix at a great price. I figure with the Lexus/Toyota connection, this would work perfectly for a winter set.

Here's the problem. I removed the Toyota center caps and measured and looked all over the internet for a replacement Lexus set with the same dimensions but with no luck. It seems that everything (OEM and aftermarket) are 2.5 inches. The Toyotas are 2.25 inches.

I'm going to bring the cap into the Lexus dealer tomorrow to see if there is a part that exists. If not, I may have to go with a generic.

If anyone has any direct links to an internet site that carries these, it'd be appreciated. Thanking in advance.
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