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LED turn signal bulb recommendation / flasher relay??

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I'm looking for a recommendation on LED turn signal bulbs for the CT. We have a 2016. I found another thread on a similar topic, but one thing that didn't seem clear was whether the flasher relay still exists on certain years, or if it was replaced/integrated into the instrument cluster, like on a lot of other cars.

Our car does NOT have the feature where you press the signal stalk partway to make it blink 3 times. (I personally HATE that "feature.") If you press it partway, it blinks as long as you hold it.

I purchased some 7440/7444 bulbs with built-in resistors on eBay. They mostly work, but I've found that, at least in the front, if the signal is blinking for more than about a minute (e.g. at a long traffic light), it will start to hyperflash. I'm guessing that maybe as the bulb heats up, the internal resistors don't create as much resistance, so the car thinks a bulb is burned out and hyperflashes.

One thing that's kind of weird on this car is that the rear signals use 7440, while the front use 7444. The 7444s have 2 filaments, but these bulbs do not light up when the parking lights are on; they function ONLY as turn signals. So I'm unsure why Lexus made them 7444s, vs. 7440s. I did notice that incandescent 7444 and 7440s are slightly different in that, aside from the 7444 having 4 contacts instead of 2, there is a small protrusion on a 7440 bulb that will prevent it from plugging into a 7444 socket.

So, my questions are: 1) Does the 2016 have a flasher relay that can be replaced? (If so, I know it's not easy to do based on the other post I found for 2011-2014.) Or, if not, then 2) Is there a specific LED bulb with built-in resistors that anyone can recommend?

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Yes, the 2016 has a replaceable flasher. I replaced mine. I also used VLEDs Triton V6 extreme ambers for the signals. The front bulb situation sure is bizzare with the dual filament thing, but it didn't matter with the LEDs.
I'm about to get a 2016, and I see you said your's is 2016. So no issues with the built in systems that you can program via tech stream to change the turn signal flash and the LED relay replacement?

I have the smart tap on our toyota solara, which I'm almost positive is going to be the same pinout for the Lexus.... and I believe I know who you are talking about who passed away that made these relays. I was also looking for the same one but ended up getting the Diode dynamics.

Is the basic diode dynamic's the same version that you have from the person that used to make them or does yours also have other features?

I guess what I'm trying to avoid is putting in a tap turn and having it conflict with the onboard system that lexus has that can be customized. I will note that my tap turn is set to 4 flashes. I think that's a good medium. Our mercedes is 3 by default and can't be changed. My RCF is 3 or 5+ which I think is too many, and I believe I set my wife's NX to 4. 4 is ideal for

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Thanks, glad to be a new member! Hope to be able to post pictures here shortly when the car arrives.

TechStream is the diagnostic software that Toyota/Lexus uses. It can trouble shoot and make changes with the car and all of it's modules..etc. IE: I can program the car so that holding the unlock button on the fob rolls all the windows down, or I can change certain customization settings that you'd normally have to go to the dealer to. I work on all of our cars so I have all the software to be able to trouble shoot and do what the tech at the dealer would do.

I'm going to take the diode dynamics smart tap relay that I have on our Solara and try it on the CT when I get it. I figured something might conflict since the tap to flash is 3 by default and then you have the on board system trying to do it's thing. That's probably why when you have it set to zero at the car level since the minimum flash cycle of the relay is 3 it will always do 3...
But a cool feature of the tap flash relay from diode is that when you lock or unlock the car the parking lights stay on for about 30 seconds which is a great indication when you lock/unlock the car plus it's a little bit of a security feature being so well illuminated. I'm not sure if the CT has that feature by default. I know my RCF and my wife's NX does have the delayed headlight/light feature.

My CT that's coming does have navi, all the ones I were looking at were specifically not, but then when I realized the back up camera is in the rear view mirror and tiny, I did not want that at all.
The front turn sigal/park signal is the same on the Solara as my RCR and the CT, so I'll remove those and put them in the CT and test to see how it functions. Then I'll end up getting another set for the rear. I like super bright leds as well., but I have found that VLEDS is superior when it comes to the exterior bulbs.

These are what will go in the front and rear:
Musical instrument Automotive lighting Cylinder Font Office supplies

I like this design a lot because it's not huge and it fits in a very compact area yet it's extremely bright and it has 360 degree coverage along with forward facing leds.

The only thing I was not aware of with our headlights is that they are not LED/HID.. unless you got the full blown led headlights which with ALL the CT's I've looked at NONE of them had factory LED headlight as an option which is weird to me. I'm hoping I am not disappointed going back to normal halogen headlights after all these years with led/hid...etc.

I'm excite though! I'll definitely post more once I get everything and introduce myself in the main forum thread.

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Wow, that must be a nice thing to have! :) I had to have the dealer program the window thing, and I also had them turn off the reverse beeper. Well, not turn it completely off, since you can't do that, but I had them change the setting so that it only beeps once instead of continuously. That continuous beeping was really annoying! I mean, hybrid or not, why do I need my car to beep at me when it's in reverse? I think I'd know if it was in reverse, especially wtih the backup camera screen looking right at me. Anyway, that may be something you wish to turn off as well.
Yea I found out many years ago with owning (still do) that having a mercedes you need to be able to check things on it since everything is talking via can bus to multiple modules. IE: If a light comes on, why? Resetting it and hoping it doesn't come back isn't he answer and when the dealer is going to charge a minimum of $150 plus whatever it is to fix it, it's going to add up quick. That was also another thing I read that I was going to turn off is that beeping constantly. That seems very annoying!

Is it the same relay?

Since I didn't buy the Diode Dynamics relay and just bought a more generic one from Amazon, I was assuming that it did not have the tap-to-blink logic built-in, since it was cheap. There was no mention of tap-to-blink in the Amazon description. But who knows, maybe it does have that logic.

That is a nice feature! The CT does not have that by default. The inside lights will stay on for about 30 seconds or so when you unlock, but not the outside lights.

I did, however, recently discover something else kind of cool: Even without unlocking with the fob or touching the handle, as you get up next to the car, if it senses the key fob, it will turn on the inside lights. Kinda neat that it will do that without you having to even unlock it!
Should be, looks identical to what everyone has posted for what their relay looks like. So if nothing else I can at least take it off the solara along with the front turn/park lights since they are the same on both cars and even my rcf and verify that the turn signals work without hyper flash. If the tap feature doesn't conflict with the lexus one on the later years then we will be good to go. PLUS if the parking lights stay on for that 30 second setting or so because of the flasher relay then it's even cooler. I'll update with what I find here in a couple weeks! My wife's NX has the light feature when you approach where the door handles light up and the interior lights come on, and my rcf does the same thing. It's a nice feature, looks awesome at night..

Yeah, we were looking for one with navigation specifically because of the backup camera being on the screen and not in the mirror. Seems that the CT has 3 options as far as the backup camera goes: 1) None at all; 2) In the rear view mirror for non-navi models; or 3) In the screen for navi models.
Yea at first I said there is no way I want it with navi because of that horrible joystick system. It is awful. It's actually the main reason I picked my rcf over a gsf, I just couldn't get on board with it. And my plan was to replace the the stock stereo with one of the android units.. Then I started reading more and people said the android units for our cars are garbage, that and the tiny back up screen was a no go. At least now with the navi I can get the beat sonic system and attach it to the stock system and get android auto/apple car play so it will be great for a daily driver...etc.

The forward-facing LEDs are nice for the front, although I have found them to be actually TOO bright in the rear. I have some bulbs with built-in resistors in my 2022 Honda Accord hybrid, since the Accord doesn't have a replaceable flasher module. There have been a couple of instances where my wife and I were in each other's cars, and I noticed that at night, the turn signal bulbs were VERY bright -- almost blindingly so. So now I feel bad for people behind me! The bulbs I got from SBL for the CT are also pretty bright, but not as bright, and also, the bulbs go in on kind of an angle in the CT, so the LED SMDs on the end of the bulb are actually facing diagonally up, not straight out, so they aren't blinding.
I've definitely been in cars where sometimes the leds are too bright. I think with the Vleds they are bright that you can clearly see them in the day time, which is really important but not so blinding at night that people get disorientated from seeing it. I know my wife's NX the front turn signals completely light up street signs in front when you turn them on, they are very bright. We'll see, it will be nice to play with what works or not.

Yeah, I was kind of disappointed about that, too. I believe LED headlights is an option on the CT, at least on later models, but the one we bought didn't have them. I have never actually seen one with LED headlights, though. There are apparently other options that are also not on all cars. For example, while our CT has full power seats, it does NOT have the seat memory option for the driver's seat. I believe that's because our CT has the NuLuxe synthetic leather, and you only get the memory option if you have the genuine leather package (which, as a vegan, my wife would not want to have).

I had actually installed LED headlights from SuperBrightLEDs, both low and high-beam, in both the CT and my wife's mom's 2013 Toyota Corolla. I had even installed them in my wife's previous car, a 2015 Honda Fit. However, shortly after, I had read that that's not a good idea, because the headlight housings are designed around the dispersal pattern of halogen bulbs, which is different from that of LED bulbs. So when you put an LED bulb into a housing designed for halogen, the result is that you get a "wall of light" that blinds oncoming drivers, but actually does not project down the road nearly as well as the halogens, so it becomes a safety issue on both fronts. With that in mind, I put the halogens back and returned the LEDs to SBL.
Yea it was extremely hard finding what the OEM LED headlights even look like. Out of the 200 cars I have been searching/looking at on Auto trader, I only saw one with OEM LEds. I will admit that the quad projectors do look cool! Yea I'm not into leather seats honestly. They don't wear very well as time goes on and just overall to me, it's not needed. Our MB has mbtex which is fake leather and it's held up great for 13 year, no strain marks/tears...etc. We had a CLK before that and the side bolstering was all wrinkled and cracked, it looked horrible, but that's how leather just wears.
I responded to your thread post about the m2 leds. I'm very happy that you mentioned the rx350 projectors are drop in. I've done projector retrofits in the past and that's the only way I'd go for this. Totally agree with you, drop in LED solutions are not a good option. The scatter light everywhere. I'm excited now that the ct will have either a HID or LED projector. It will give me a project to do... I figure since I am going to have to remove the bumper anyways to do the black chrome trim that you did, since the headlights are there, might as well bake them!

Sounds good! Look forward to seeing some pictures. :)
For sure! I appreciate all the help. I can't wait to get the car honestly. I feel like this is going to be a great DD and it'll be fun to mod it a little bit and make it unique!

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I was about to buy these. I talked to the chat rep and they recommended this bulb instead. What do you think?

I also asked him to recommend a rear turn signal and he suggested these two items together. Is this the right option? Are there good rear LED bulbs without a harness like this?
Don't get the led resistors, they aren't needed. Buy a diode Dynamic tap turn led relay. you will have other features that you can use which is cool.

All turn signal LEDS for the front and rear I used Vleds. I noticed you have the reds ones linked... I'd recommend amber. They are much easier to see during the day/night. you could use red in the rear, but I wouldn't.

Thread I posted in:

If you go with the diode dynamics tap turn turn signal relay you won't have to mess with any stupid led resistors and where to mount them.etc. It's another thing that you don't need to mess with. Keep it simple. The hardest part of the entire thing is swapping out the normal relay for the led relay, mainly due to location of it in the upper driver side dash. It's a pita to get to. But there are several threads here that show you what you need to do to get to it.

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Do you know which Vleds you purchased? I will go with amber. I saw your videos and it looks better. I don't really need any extra features. I want LED's to make the car look more modern.
I literally linked you everything in the above post.
That link is the Amber LEDs I'm using. Both for the front and rear.

I also replaced the reverse bulbs for LEDs and change the mirror puddle lights to white LEDs as well overall gives a much fresher look with everything.

Font Sky Darkness Monochrome photography Brand

Those are the things I ordered. You would need four Amber turn signals two reverse bulbs and two bulbs for the mirrors. If you do not replace the stock flasher relay to an LED one you're going to get hyper flash.
They make a cheaper version of the LED relay but there's a delay when you first turn your turn signal on that's why I went with the tap turn the more expensive version because it eliminates that slight delay in the beginning.

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hahaha, no worries. i just wanted to double check that I wasn't losing

So there are two different flasher relays. The more expensive one is the tap turn which you can change the number of flashes when you tap the turn signal stalk, also has the different flasher modes, and entry/exit lighting. This is the better relay to get. There is zero delay when you use the turn signal stalk.

There is a cheaper LED relay that does none of that, but it will control the leds turn signals so that they do not hyper flash. The problem that I found with the cheaper relay is when you use your turn signal there is a 1 second delay that when you use the signal it will stay illuminated for about a second or so before it starts flashing. I'd say most people would be ok with this, but I did not like the delay at all.

Depending on your year of the CT. I believe anything before 2014 did not have the "tap turn" stalk feature by default. 2014+ it's built into the car's menu system so you can change them to go all the way up to something like 8 flashes when you tap the turn stalk. With my 2016' F-sport, I simply disabled it on the navi screen and then programmed it on the tap turn relay. (it's like a 10 second thing to do).

I currently have mine set to 4 flashes. I think that's the good happy medium of not too short (3) and not too long (5+).

Regardless of what leds you get for the front/rear you should change to a led turn signal relay to prevent hyper flash. Mirror bulbs you don't have to worry about because the integrated part in the mirror is already an amber led strip. The led bulbs I replaced in the mirror were the puddle lights that light up white when you lock/unlock the car. I did not like the halogen yellow look. Upgrading to 5k leds gives it a nice pure white updated look. Same with the rear reverse lights. Upgrading to 5k was such a nice modern look to it. Cleans up the back end nicely and no longer has a ugly yellow dated halogen look.

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