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LED interior bulbs

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Just though I would let you guys know that I should be receiving my bulbs tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes and if the bulbs that I ordered are the right size and fitment (since the manuel tells you nothing about bulb # I had to manually remove each one and measure..). I ordered for the map lights/rear light/trunk light. All High Power LEDS in cool white. I'll post pics and let you guys know as soon as its done and obviously if it works :)
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great job! now figure out a great low cost option for a halogen to led headlamp conversion!!! ;)
Can you post a link to where you got the LED bulbs from? I'm interested in getting some as well. I'm looking forward to your pictures, thanks!
No soon as this is done I'll let you guys know and tell you exactly which bulbs i bought!
great job! now figure out a great low cost option for a halogen to led headlamp conversion!!! ;)

That will not be easy. You might as well go for a HID kit, even though throwing a kit into HALOGEN based projectors is not the proper way to do things it certainly looks 10 times better!
I can't wait to do this. One of the guys over at CT200h Forums ordered some bulbs at VLEDs but didn't know what size festoon. Might want to let them know over there what you find out.
Good news for me. I compared the LEDS I installed in our 2010 Prius and it looks like the CT uses the exact same LEDS & festoons.

Yesterday, I also ordered cool white LEDS & festoons for the 2 map lights, overhead light, hatch area and 2 license plate bulbs.

Fortunately, the overhead light & license plate are identical to the Prius. (thank God) Now I just gotta remember exactly how I replaced them over a year ago. (and not break anything) he-he

I would love to find a whiter bulb for the headlamps. I'll keep reading. I'm sure someone will come up with something we can use. I'm not gonna mess with all those other bulbs. (brake lights, turn signals) If I were more mechanically inclined I would. ;-)
When you get a chance can you post a picture of your LED map lights? In the past when I got the LED map light for my old car I found it too bluish. I prefer to have it as white as possible. Also on my Lexus RX350 the license plate lights are white LED? I want to do the same and change out my CT200H license light to a similar color. Any LED bulbs that is very similar to the factory bulbs from the RX350?

What are the size for the map lights? Thanks!
No problem man. Any proper size 192 bulb should fit since I took one of them out and they are pretty much standard size. However the rear might pose a slight problem but with a little force it should slide right in. Keep in mind the rear in a festoon bulb. Once I get the interior ones done im gonna order the licence plate as well. Has anyone already completed the LED conversion for the plate and are they the same bulbs as the front map lights and do you have the same amount of room to fit them in?
To add that I thought I would mention that I ordered 192 High powered 9x LEDS for the map lights in cool white..Well see
I was reading on another forum that the trunk light gave slight issues because of the way it was I held off ordering that as well until I figure out what bulb I can try..
To add that I thought I would mention that I ordered 192 High powered 9x LEDS for the map lights in cool white..Well see
Did you mean 194? I didn't see 192 over at VLEDs
When you take pictures, can you take some pictures of the installation process also? I want to see if my LED boards will fit in them.

Well boys & girls... I did it!! ;-) I recd my LEDs today and decided to go for it! I changed the map, vanity, dome, hatch area and license plate lights.

I must say the festoon bulbs are the hardest to install. I was very careful not to crack any of the plastic covers. Whew... Just take your time because it defintely feels like you're gonna break something. It took me at least 1.5 hrs. Yes, because I am a woman! ;-) (not 15 mins like some of you guys... ha) Honestly, it was very helpful that I changed the Prius interior lights back in Sept 10. Several are identical.

I need to find another bulb for the dome light. I thought I ordered natural white, but I ordered cool white. It's slightly off from the map lights, but it still looks good. Oh well...

Sorry folks, I didn't take any pics. We'll let Feraz show off his pics when he is done. ;-)

William: Yes, it is a 194 wedge.
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Ok, since Feraz didn't keep his promise. I will try to take better pics. The first batch of pics sucked. Very blurry with the flash. Grrrhhh...
It may take a couple days... ;-)
Hey guys I'll post pics but one MAJOR problem. Even the guys at are stumped. The cargo area led festoon bulb is too long! It won't fit in the socket for the CT. I actually bent the tiny metal bracket/spring that holds the current tiny halogen bulb. Major bummer as that crappy light doesn't really light the cargo that well at all. I asked the led light company if they have anything else smaller and they don't. Any solutions anyone???!!!
Ok guys here are the pics. I have one issue with the map lights the color is slightly different than the other which I'm addressing right now with The kelvin temp is off. Typical with cheap Chinese made LED's but, I'm not to stressed out about it. I'll try another bulb but the LED's are a MAJOR IMPROVEMENT over the stock weak yellowish halogen bulbs the CT came with well worth the switch out!

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CT Surfer: Looking good. I used a 3022 Festoon 4 LED. Mine is not super either, but it looks ok. I had to put it on a slight angle to make it fit.
Anybody got the LED bulb numbers and for what locations and where they ordered from.
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