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"Key detected in vehicle" Error displayed while car is driving?

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Hello all,

Beginning about three days ago, my ct has been giving me "key detected in vehicle" while the car is moving. This started to happen after the temperatures here have gotten to approximately minus 30 Celsius and mainly happen after the car detects slippage in the snow. I'm thinking this might be a problem due to the extreme cold temperatures. Also the problem seems to have worsened as when the message is being displayed, my doors will unlock themselves and the dash light will flash on and off.

Has anyone else had this problem or have any ideas? I called the dealers and they said it might be the battery getting low, but to me it doesn't seem like the cause because it only occurs after the tires slip and in very cold weather.
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MissPharmer: where do you live? I am in Winnipeg and have had my CT Since April 2011. I have been in a few -30C mornings and haven't had any issues other than the LCD screen on dash (I have non nav) getting a bit slow if you cycle between displays (but I don't really anymore). In that weather my worst mileage was 7.8l/100 (or 34 US mpgs).
Woot a feelow Winnipeger! I have only seen 2 CTS in almost 2 years here - is yours Fire Agat or the Blue Fsport (I see that one out my office window a lot as they work at or pick up/ drop off at the IBM building.
I get no higher than 6.6 or 6.8 but like I said my car is warm most of the time because it is in an insulated garage at home and heated underground during the work day. The biggest killer is that the engine is almost always on even at complete stops until it warms up enough - and that depends on how high you set your heat. I used to actually shut off my heat at stop lights and the engine would stop and I would get down to 6 or even 5.8/9. for the last month or two I use auto and teh temp is at 22C but I still will turn it off when I am 4 or 5 blocks from work or home and can usually keep it in EV mode most of the time and lower my L/100.
I do have snow tires - I got the Good Year Nordics from Can Tire and put them on some Sacci alloy wheels (16 inch too for potholes in the spring) and they make a HUGE difference (there are lots of posts about winter tires on this forum).
Ah that Blizzard! I shovelled for an hour Saturday morning then walked around our bay and knew that I would get hung up - the tires would have been okay but the ground clearance on our CT's are so low that the 6 or 8 inches of snow between the ruts in the road would have hung me up for sure.
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I just got back from St. Lucia and missed the minus 40's so thankful that my CT didn't have to experience that - yet! ;)
Idling before driving kills the mpgs but yes it is worth it to be warm I think - and the heated seats are awesome.
Yeah in the summer I can get out of downtown in EV only until I start going up the Disrelli bridge but it is nice not to use gas for part of the commute home.
As for the TPMS: I didn't get them put on the winter rims and the low tire pressire light comes on and sometimes blinks (I think it resets as the summer tires in the garage beside my park so it registers every day) but it is not that big a deal - and hopefully the summers can go in in a month, or two, or...

I'll be looking for the Peral White touring CT in the peeg now!
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