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Just Broke 10K Miles This Week...Achieved My Best MPG So Far..50.5 MPG

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I know there have been many posts on this blog with regard to MPG achieved and "real world" MPG. I use to track my MPG and have been constantly getting about 47 MPG with a 47.5 being my best ever---that is until this week. What did I do different...well, here in Ft Lauderdale, the weather has been unusually cool even for here so I have been driving with windows and sunroof a lot (which with a worse coefficient of drag, should balance out the not using air). I also have been driving to work on a street that has traffic lights instead of all highway (not all the week but a majority of this weeks travel). I also always keep my car in ECO mode but did use the Sport mode a few times this week...probably more than I ever have before. But, here's something I think may have helped out a lot...I live in a gated community...the speed limit is 25 MPG on the main road. When I approach the entrance to my development, I push the EV mode button and drive about 1/2 mile to my house on all a parking lot at the supermarket or the mall, when the speed limit is a limit of "very slow", I also pushed the EV mode button until I parked the car in a space. I drove 417 miles this week between fillips and put in 8.258 gallons...I didn't wait until the car was on empty or showing "0" distance to empty as I usually do. The idiot light reminding me to fill up usually comes on at about 30 miles to empty (which means I fill up 9 gallons). I averaged 50.50 MPG this week...that is incredible to me in this car. That is not an about figure...that is a calculated figure based on gas put into the car and miles used. My MPG in the car was reading 53.4 at fillip but managed to stay right around 51-54 MPG all week...that isn't the total running average MPG but the one that resets each fillip. Also, took the car in to the dealer today for my FREE 10K mileage service (oil change, rotate tires, etc...). I also told them about the latch that sticks on my armrest storage compartment and they say they have had a few of these so far...instead of just temporarily fixing it with WD40 spray, they replaced the whole latch under, it is working perfectly as it should.
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holy prius.
unforunately the most I've gotten so far is 43 mpg. Im only at about 4k though.
congrats anyways
One thing I have always done is if I'm driving about 40-45 MPH on a not too busy street, I let off the gas a bit until the EV light comes on and keep the gas constant at that is a big + in getting more MPG
Thanks for the tip on the latch for the armrest, I have the same issue, it's very annoying!
yes...the new one works's something you don't even think about working or not working but when it's broken, it's REAL annoying
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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