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Hi All,

Hello from Ireland! I have been monitoring this thread from afar while weighing up my options for a new car - thanks for l the threads so far.
I traded in my 2008 Passat Sport for 2013 CT200h w/55k miles and so far, I love it! I am a triathlete and having a bike rack I don't feel like miss out on too much trunk space.

Quick question what's the button on the ceiling in between the cup holder lights (button: it looks like a car with beams coming from a centre point),having pressed it I don't think anything happens and no light comes on the dash?

Any other advice / suggestions welcome...(what milage is the timing chain rated to? / can a standard 2din aftermarket radio replace the standard?)

LEXUS CT200h Good Points:
- Proximity Key
- Button start
- Luxury interior
- Sat Nav
- Dash / Driving Modes
- Styling

Bad Points:
- No enough cockpit storage
- Centre arm rest too small
- Radio

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Welcome. Nice CT
The small button you're mentioning is for the interior motion sensor (alarm). The timing chain is a lifetime use. Nothing reported about them. The engine is very reliable.

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