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I wasn't able to querry the forum prior to buying, but it is a 2014 "Sport" with 20K for ~$20K. The car if from Chicago area (I'm in MD). It drives well and everything seems to work fine. I don't have service records but did have the car checked out today by my local Nissan and no problems areas were flagged. It is missing the driver's side floor mat and the snifter knob - does that mean anything? I plan to replace those. Have not looked closely at maintenance book yet, but next move is to do an oil change. I'm debating on tranny - at 20K, I can't see how bad tranny oil can get. I have attached some pics for critique. On Pic #6 and 7, the plastic debris protector on the lower wheel well is missing on the driver's side. Probably a repair not done too well. Thanks.

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