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Joining form The Netherlands

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Hello to all!

Bought my CT little over two months ago and have been reading and learning a lot about this car just from all the information on this forum. Thought I might as well sign up, so here I am.
My CT is a 2011, Business Line Pro in Tungsten Pearl with the standard 17" wheels and black Nulux leather interior and I bought it with 182K km.

After two months of driving I can honestly say that I really love driving this car! My first Hybrid and so far I am very happy with the feel and handling of the CT200. I never was a "burn-rubber" kind of driver, so this car really suits my driving style.
As for fuel consumption, without trying to hypermiIe I already managed to get 1liter:20km which is about 47mpg (US)

Anyway, here are some pictures :)

My first fill up :)

Copied this idea from this forum (can't find the OP) and it really makes a difference for visabilty at night when the doors are opened

I also did the LED interior and license plate upgrade. Will do the puddlelights later because it's too cold now and I'm afraid I will break the mirrors....

Before right and after left:



Since the car is already on the low side and in The Netherlands we do have a lot of high speed bumps going in and out residential areas, i think I will not lower the car but only put on spacers just for looks.

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Welcome along Martin! We're very alike in why we bought and love these cars. I'm just about to do my interior lights to LED as well, still looking which ones to buy and how to get the lights apart. Good idea to keep it stock height, I don't want to lower mine either, though I might do spacers too. Looks good!
Hi Tobiassing,
Yes the led interior upgrade really gives the car an updated look, it's worth the 30 minutes effort.
I went with the 5000k pure white led's. By the look of pictures I saw, I found the 6000k too blue-ish. Don't know the exact led details since I bought it online as a CT200 package. The only problem I had was that the dome and trunk light were too big so I have to find a better fitting one. I managed to get it in and working, but it isn't a perfect fit.

Size is similar, but shape of the metal points(?)is a little off:

Also, when removing the front ceiling lights I found it was easier to remove the small plastic covers first instead of pryiing a tool to get the lightcovers off.

Licenseplate difference:


Next up will be a sharkfin antenne and the spacers. Will update once it's done.
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Hey Welcom to another dutch guy. Your MPG is on top. 👍👍 Nice updated interior lights and driving low is nice but sometimes a challange. I drive on BC coils but not slammed and on stock 17"s i scrape the front lower wing thats under the bumper.
Hi Erick071,

Thanks and of course I already saw your car in your posts before I registered, man, that is one clean, good looking CT200! I thought about lowering, but I already scrape speedbumbs with stock height so decided it's fine like this.

Did you changed the 19's back to the stock 17's? I would really like to see how that looks like with the BC coils so if you you have a picture of that set-up, would be great!
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