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The latest J.D. Power and Associates automotive reliability study has been published, reports the Detroit Free Press. The survey, which indicates that the global automotive industry published the very best dependability numbers since the survey began in 1990, placed Ford and GM in four of the top 10 spots. Resource for this article: J.D. Power survey highlights best in automotive reliability

When you cannot count on the economy, your vehicle will be there for you

The public image is something the global automotive industry is attempting to reclaim. As reported by J.D. Power and Associates Vice President of Global Automotive, David Sargent, these outcomes are right where the industry wants to be.

“The fact that almost every brand improved … at a time when the industry was really hurting is impressive and frankly surprising,” he told the Detroit Free Press during an interview.​

Lincoln, Ford and Buick did well in the J.D. Power study getting positions six through eight in the study. U.S. car manufacturers did not do very well compared to other automotive brands in the survey, including Cadillac, as they received the third lowest total reliability score. It was behind both Lexus and Porsche.

Problems per 100 cars and trucks acquired

The J.D. Power and Associates study was done by looking at 100 vehicles and trucks from 2009 to present day. It is done this way to be able to figure out the long-term automotive dependability of the various automobiles. The study showed that there were 132 issues for every 100 automobiles.

Sargent explained that in 2009, auto sales were at their lowest since 1970. That meant there was a ton of pressure to improve the vehicles. It is “surprising” that the automakers did so well in dependability considering there was a lot of recalls from major automakers in the last couple of years.

Lowest was Chrysler

Ram, Jeep, dodge and Chrysler all did really poorly in the survey with Chrysler in the worst spot of the study. All of the brands did have better scores than they did the previous year though. Evidently Chrysler’s 2009 bankruptcy made it extremely hard to produce reliable automobiles for the public, according to Sargent.

“There is no getting away from the fact that they are the four lowest ranking brands,” said Sargent. “(Yet) the vehicles that they are bringing out now are significantly better than the vehicles they were building a few years ago.”​

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Top 10 contain Japanese

There were eight models under Toyota that got first or tied for first in their automobile class. The Toyota brands, Toyota, Lexus and Scion, were all in the top 10 in the J.D. Power and Associates study. Scion did particularly well with a decrease from 166 per 100 cars to 111 per 100 automobiles.

“This is something Toyota has demonstrated over many years - it’s pretty impressive,” Sargent said. “What’s a little new this year is Scion, which improved significantly.”​

Costs to Ford’s reliability

Ford Motor Co. Falls in Consumer Reports Reliability Ratings - YouTube


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