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It really amazes people

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I met with a sales guy today to drive to a customer (I am in organisational management but not in sales). He saw the CT and said that the other day they conducted an investigation to find out who in sales did a good job on their quota to drive such a car!
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:pKeep up the good work :)
Nice. A lot of people see the car & think it's a $40K plus car. I think Lexus did a great job with the design and pricing to break into the hybrid market. If this car was $40K, I wouldn't be in it!
I agree, Lexus did a great job offering a lower priced vehicle as a entering class to get people to switch to Lexus (even though many of us are previous Lexus owners) and many people think its worth a fortune. But when you look at the numbers if I was to walk in Toyota for a Rav4, to get the same features it would be just as expensive if not more. They even have Dodge Caravan Sport models that start at same price as CT in Canada. When you tell people this they're idea of Lexus really changes :)

On a side note, this is Jimmy's 1000th post.
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