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It it finally here.

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I got the call tue. That our ct had arrived in buffalo n.y. Picked it up yesterday and I am in love with this car. The drive home from the dealer is mostly suburban streets (stop lights 40-50 mph speed limit) averaged 48 mpg without really trying . This is my first hybrid so I don't have a lot of driving experience
With hybrid . Wow I'm impressed , acceleration is suprising for a hybrid just have to be heavy footed to get in to traffic . The feel and fit is great . Will give some updates after a weekend of driving .

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Congrats!!! Still waiting for my delivery- Drive carefully, couple guys already had accidents :(
Congrats Baxter!! Welcome home to your baby. ;-)
Congrats! Enjoy it!
Woot, looking forward to future updates/thoughts and any pictures
congrats! nice color combo! (there's really no bad color combo when you have the keys)

I got my call on Earth day so cool. We had snow next morning= pretty new car all covered in snow like a puppy with their muzzle all snow faced! have drive through first taqnk of gas since it was mini vacation time. ON break in 40.25 mpg!
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