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Is The CT Going To Be As Common As..

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An RX...? Or A Prius..?

All of a sudden CT's have been popping up everywhere I look here in SoCal. I know it's a whole lot different here than the rest of the country (most cars in South OC are Benz, BMW, or Lexus) but are we going to start seeing a widespread amount of CT's?

I'll be sad if we do and it becomes just another car. :(
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Sorry, but by model year AND color, those of us with a 2011 Daybreak Yellow have the rarest CT's! :rolleyes::)
If anybody is in a "Collect 'em All!" frame of mind, there's a 2011 Daybreak Yellow in stock at Desert Lexus next to Palm Springs. :)

They also have a black/black. I know that that one is Premium/Nav, but don't know about the rest of the details for either. Either way, they sure are purty....

...y'know, considering they're not Matador Red Mica/Ecru. :D

But if you really, really need a CT200h in SoCal, there's a couple of 'em ready for ya.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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