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Is The CT Going To Be As Common As..

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An RX...? Or A Prius..?

All of a sudden CT's have been popping up everywhere I look here in SoCal. I know it's a whole lot different here than the rest of the country (most cars in South OC are Benz, BMW, or Lexus) but are we going to start seeing a widespread amount of CT's?

I'll be sad if we do and it becomes just another car. :(
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YEP we have the rarest out of all the CTs a 2011 Smoky :cool:
Sorry, but by model year AND color, those of us with a 2011 Daybreak Yellow have the rarest CT's! :rolleyes::)
.. And Lexus tried the Solar Yellow with the IS300 for a year, but it wasn't real, true Lexus color either :eek:
And Matador Red is?? :confused:

As far as I can tell, a "real, true Lexus color" is muted "earth" tones, various shades of gray, black and white (which are ALL basically shades of gray) and, of course, silver (SHINY gray!) Also, Daybreak Yellow is STILL available on the 2012 CT, so some people must be buying them! ;)

Just because YOU don't like the color, doesn't mean that it's NOT a true Lexus color! It's a BRIGHT earth tone, if you stop and think about it! :rolleyes:

And for the record, I LOVE Matador Red for the same reasons as Daybreak Yellow! It's BOLD and DIFFERENT!! :D

I also really like Starfire Pearl (it was my first choice going in!) :)
1 - 2 of 32 Posts
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