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Is The CT Going To Be As Common As..

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An RX...? Or A Prius..?

All of a sudden CT's have been popping up everywhere I look here in SoCal. I know it's a whole lot different here than the rest of the country (most cars in South OC are Benz, BMW, or Lexus) but are we going to start seeing a widespread amount of CT's?

I'll be sad if we do and it becomes just another car. :(
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I share the same thoughts as some earlier posts on the price making the CT not as common. After all, it is a "luxury" vehicle, and to some, the idea of paying over $30K for a compact hatchback is plain crazy. And, it seems people think the CT price goes around $36K-$40K. I still get jaw dropping reactions when I mention "It only cost me $30K (and that's at MSRP!)." ...usually followed by me telling them "Good luck finding one!" ;)
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