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I know this is not the usual thing to hear, but I'm highly experienced with engines and plan on making my CT last for many, many years, so I take exquisite care of it (especially the engine...which I expect to go well over 300,000 miles and probably go over 500,000 miles.)

The thing that's not usual to hear is: If you don't drive too hard, you can change your oil once every 20,000 miles, provided you use the right oil and filter.

How do I know this? Because I was pretty certain that I could absolutely safely do just this, so I checked my theory by sending my oil off to Blackstone labs to analyze after a 20,000 mile oil change:

Results: Oil looked better than what they'd expect at a 10,000 mile oil change.

I maintain aircraft engines (a bit more critical) and we routinely send oil analyses off to Blackstone for these engines to detect wearing parts before they cause a problem.
Trust me, the dealership will rip you off for a lot of money for being uninformed. Do all the usual things that KKM (user above) wrote, but just change your oil every 20k miles IF:

1) Warm your engine up before you're accelerating hard (I drive very easily first mile or so and usually let the engine run a minute or two before driving...this is the most important thing you can do to keep your engine wear low)

2) Use Mobil-1 annual protection 0W-20 oil (there is likely some Amsoil or Royal Purple that will work also, but this is at WalMart and a pretty good deal comparatively). It has added bases in it that allow for the oil to last a lot longer without breaking down.

3) Use a Purolator ONE filter (don't use Purolator BOSS...long story, but Purolator ONE is better)

It makes a huge difference to me to only change it once every 20,000 miles. Saves a lot of money over the long run, as well as time, is better oil than you get at the dealership (and the filter is arguably better...though the Toyota brand is very good...and costs less than Toyota brand).

You can take the oil and filter to a place to change it for you, if you don't do this kind of thing. Just make sure they put in what you give them!! (some places have been known to steal your oil and put in their cheap crud!)

Enjoy this car that can last for many, many years with MINIMAL maintenance!!
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