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Ipod holder.......omg

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I cant believe I did not see this. So its been a good week I have had the car. I look under the rear deck cover then suprise, a ipod holder. Just now I found the IPOD Holder, tho my wife drives the car more than I do, so i haven't had the time to check everything out.
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There is a solution for holding the larger phones in the OEM holder. You can purchase an upgraded top bracket from Here is the link:
ct200h - Shapeways 3D Printing Search Results - ct200h - Shapeways 3D Printing Search Results -
There is a bracket that will hold the iPhone 6 and 6+, and an even larger bracket that one guy is using for an iPad Air. Check it out.
Also, for a proper length iPhone cable, check out the Anker 1ft cable from Amazon: [Apple MFi Certified] Anker® 1ft / 0.3m Extra Short Tangle-Free Lightning to USB Cable with Ultra Compact Connector Head for iPhone, iPod and iPad (Black): Cell Phones & Accessories
I have one and it works perfectly.
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