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Ipod holder.......omg

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I cant believe I did not see this. So its been a good week I have had the car. I look under the rear deck cover then suprise, a ipod holder. Just now I found the IPOD Holder, tho my wife drives the car more than I do, so i haven't had the time to check everything out.
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I received one, I have NAV. They handed it to me in a big zippy bag with other accessories and manual. They also gave me a cheezy leather pouch for the key fob and a nice looking Lexus keychain.
I feel cheated. I got the iPod/iPhone holder, accessories, manuals, 2 key fob leather pouches and keychain... but no big zippy bag! :( ... JK! :D

To compliment the iPod/iPhone holder, I'd recommend a retractable USB cable, instead of using the one that came with your iPod or iPhone. That way you can keep the center console clean, minus the messy, long white-colored wire (screams "APPLE") tethered to your device. And if you take your device with you and forget to store away the usb cable, it's less obvious that you have one of those popular Apple devices...

They're inexpensive, too:
Retractable USB Data Sync Cable for iPhone 4, iPhone 3G/3GS (Black)
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Thanks Matt, But yes they should work for you, too, Cenix. The good thing is that they're inexpensive.
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