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Ipod holder.......omg

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I cant believe I did not see this. So its been a good week I have had the car. I look under the rear deck cover then suprise, a ipod holder. Just now I found the IPOD Holder, tho my wife drives the car more than I do, so i haven't had the time to check everything out.
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Supposedly you only get one if you did not get the Navi.
I received one, I have NAV. They handed it to me in a big zippy bag with other accessories and manual. They also gave me a cheezy leather pouch for the key fob and a nice looking Lexus keychain.
:) lol ya for about 2 days... I ordered some from the Jacket Store that I've used on my other vehicles that work great and fit in your pocket better.
The Jacketstore . com Home of the Keyless Remote Protective Cover
Wife uses it to differentiate our keys, these jackets look nicer, might pick a couple up. Any pics?
I complained I didn't get the ipod holder so the dealer ordered me one. Later, he told me you are only supposed to get the ipod holder if you did not get the Nav system (i have the Nav) but since he agreed to already get me one, he would.

By the way, I never got the leather pouch and keychain. But I did get a thermos. :( You win.
You should ask for your leather pouch as well, that was included. Mine was actually in the glove box, the sales man took it out and gave it to us. If it wasn't there, someone possibly snagged it but you should ask for it. As for the keychain, maybe it differs from dealer to dealer, the keychain we received has the Lexus logo in the front and the dealer and road side assistance number on the back.
here's the keychain

the back is engraved with phone numbers...
1 - 4 of 41 Posts
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