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Ipod holder.......omg

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I cant believe I did not see this. So its been a good week I have had the car. I look under the rear deck cover then suprise, a ipod holder. Just now I found the IPOD Holder, tho my wife drives the car more than I do, so i haven't had the time to check everything out.
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I love it!! Such a cool little contraption. ;-)
Lazero: Oh really? That sucks.
2HUNNY: Yep, that is exactly what I recd. (and 2 FOB pouches, right?)
If you have the holder and want to save room in the center storage unit and glove box when storing it — and you are unaware — it fits perfectly in the front of the driver's door pocket. I usually store the Garmin Nuvi that can also be seen in the door pocket in the photo below in the glove box to keep it from becoming my former Nuvi.

As for connecting an iPod/iPhone to the USB port in the console, the 7-inch RadTec cable I purchased from for $8.95 in the second photo works fine for my iPod Touch. Well, sort of...

While I can change songs using the radio's Seek-Track button, and the song, artist or album will display on the radio's screen using the Text button, I need to find an iPod forum and see if I can find a way to make the iPod Touch display on its screen my Playlists. When plugged into the USB port, all the iPod will display is a message that reads "Accessory Attached" or the main Application page. For whatever reason I can't pull up the Playlists. Anyone have any suggestions?

Bill in Fremont, CA
Bill, you're a genius!! My holder is going straight into the door pocket when not in use. I like that 7" cable too. Good find!!

Thanks for sharing!! ;)
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