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Installing Symphony Ambient Lighting on Lexus CT200h

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Finally installed these "symphony ambient lighting kit" to my Lexus CT200h. I hooked each light strips to the doors window switch, connecting positive and negative cables together. Made my lights turn on/off automatically with my cars ignition. Can change lighting colour/effect with remote or via bluetooth app.

Here are my pictures of my car with ambient lighting installed:

Car Vehicle Land vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive lighting
Car Vehicle Speedometer Gear shift Trip computer

Car Vehicle Automotive lighting Purple Automotive design
Vehicle Car Automotive lighting Automotive design Purple

Land vehicle Car Vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive design
Car Vehicle Automotive design Motor vehicle Purple

Car Vehicle Hood Motor vehicle Automotive lighting

Vehicle Automotive lighting Car Motor vehicle Automotive design
Car Sky Wheel Tire Vehicle registration plate


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That is pretty cool I must say, it would make it impossible for me to see driving at night. I’m already blind!
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