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Installed Slim HID Kit (w/pics)

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I decided to just install an aftermarket HID Kit into my ct200h

Package Content

-2 Slim Ballast
-2 6000k H11 Bulbs
-2 Metal Mounting Plates
-6 Screws and Nuts

Time to install: 30mins -1.5hrs

Red wire (Xenon Kit) ---> Purple wire (
Harness for OEM bulb)
Black wire (Xenon Kit) ---> White/black wire (Harness for OEM bulb)

Installed the mounting plates

Driver side was mounted on a screw holding the fuse box directly behind the driver side headlight

Passenger side will be mounted by the container that holds the pink liquid. You can unbolt the 2 screws that hold the container to tuck the wires behind (underneath) the containers (shown in the second pictured below)

Night time view

Daytime picture


Overall, satisfied with a $60 kit with lifetime warranty on both bulbs and ballast. Although, the periphery illuminance could be better, $60 versus $1200 LED option justifies, in my opinion, the reduced performance.

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I've heard these are pretty good for the price. Might want to verify though.
I'm thinking of installing these.
35W looks good.

I think i'll stick to that too.. the 55W might be too much.

It's a bit hard to tell but does the light shine any tint of blue with your 4300k?
1 - 3 of 163 Posts
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