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Installed Slim HID Kit (w/pics)

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I decided to just install an aftermarket HID Kit into my ct200h

Package Content

-2 Slim Ballast
-2 6000k H11 Bulbs
-2 Metal Mounting Plates
-6 Screws and Nuts

Time to install: 30mins -1.5hrs

Red wire (Xenon Kit) ---> Purple wire (
Harness for OEM bulb)
Black wire (Xenon Kit) ---> White/black wire (Harness for OEM bulb)

Installed the mounting plates

Driver side was mounted on a screw holding the fuse box directly behind the driver side headlight

Passenger side will be mounted by the container that holds the pink liquid. You can unbolt the 2 screws that hold the container to tuck the wires behind (underneath) the containers (shown in the second pictured below)

Night time view

Daytime picture


Overall, satisfied with a $60 kit with lifetime warranty on both bulbs and ballast. Although, the periphery illuminance could be better, $60 versus $1200 LED option justifies, in my opinion, the reduced performance.

Other Members Kits

jblack - DDM Raptor 4500k
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Can you talk more about the peripheral illumination?
I feel that the light beam does not stretch far enough to the left and right. Now, I am basing this off the beam of the LS. However with that being said, the light peripheral light is more than adequate.

How would you say it compares to the stock bulbs? Is there something about this kit, which is not allowing it to act like the OEM halogens?
The hid kit produces more lumens, hence brighter than stock halogens. However, I felt the stock halogens were more than enough to do the job. I rarely like to mess with OEM since they spend millions of dollars research, but like I said before, I am more than happy.
Wow, so the HID lights now make your LED's look a bit yellow?
No, the DRL are still white. It was just the lighting in the picture that made the DRL LEDs look yellow.

It's a bit hard to tell but does the light shine any tint of blue with your 4300k?
I used 6000k, which has a very slight blue tint to it. I'd say 85% white/15% blue. Again, it is all relative. If I had to do it again, I would not go higher than 5000k.

What are the pros & cons of the HIDs? I want all my lights to be bright white, but I don't want any electrical issues or illegal lights.

Can someone shed a little light on this? (no pun intended hehe)
After a weekend of driving I can answer this question a little better...

-better visibility, and by visibility I mean the HIDs illuminate the area in front of your car much better than the stock halogens.
-looks nicer than the stock halogens, in respect to the aesthetics of the car.

-have not noted any so far, but I will update if I do come across any.

@Feraz: thanks for your constructive contribution!

Hopefully people will post pictures of their aftermarket HID kit as references to other members. I will try to link each post to in the first post of the thread.

-brand of kit
-temperature of the bulb
-a shot of night time driving or something
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Nice to hear there was no flickering/strobing going on. Also, no bulb out warnings requiring a resistor to disable? SWEET! Looks like I'll go with 4300k and try to be more uniform with the LED DRL. Great work there.
No warning lights present, and works great with the Auto function. Also, the slim HID kit did NOT require a relay kit; it is 100% plug and play.
I noticed the OP went with 35W option for the Slim kit, but others are going with 55W. I see the light output is different for the two, but does anyone know if the 35W one is safer for the CT? I noticed the Phillips kit is one option only (35W).
I was hoping that there could be one thread comparing all the Aftermarket HID Kits that CT200h members are installing, as I would like to see the difference between the 35w and the 55w kits. I tried to link (in my first post) to the other members pictures and kit information. Hopefully, we can consolidate the information to provide future members with a good reference.
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