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Installed Slim HID Kit (w/pics)

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I decided to just install an aftermarket HID Kit into my ct200h

Package Content

-2 Slim Ballast
-2 6000k H11 Bulbs
-2 Metal Mounting Plates
-6 Screws and Nuts

Time to install: 30mins -1.5hrs

Red wire (Xenon Kit) ---> Purple wire (
Harness for OEM bulb)
Black wire (Xenon Kit) ---> White/black wire (Harness for OEM bulb)

Installed the mounting plates

Driver side was mounted on a screw holding the fuse box directly behind the driver side headlight

Passenger side will be mounted by the container that holds the pink liquid. You can unbolt the 2 screws that hold the container to tuck the wires behind (underneath) the containers (shown in the second pictured below)

Night time view

Daytime picture


Overall, satisfied with a $60 kit with lifetime warranty on both bulbs and ballast. Although, the periphery illuminance could be better, $60 versus $1200 LED option justifies, in my opinion, the reduced performance.

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Well technically speaking all aftermarket HID kits are illegal lol. Pretty much any headlight housing that was not designed for HID lighting and in turn only designed for Halogen is illegal. No glare cutoff to stop light travelling other than in front of the road to a certain distance, hence blinding oncoming traffic. Now taking into consideration that our CT's have a projector based headlight it makes things a little easier (still illegal though) but manageable. Basically you'll aim your low beams a slight angle towards the groud while still getting AMAZING light output from the HID and controlling glare to oncoming traffic, be advised though there will always be that hint of glare to oncoming traffic. If I were you I would not go for anything higher than a 5000k setup, go 4300k if possible as this will be the best light output you can get. As for you electrical system, the only time a HID setup takes more power than our halogen based lighting is when you fire them up, the ballasts need all the power they can get. So I would advise when turining them on make sure the vehicule is running, just to take a slight load of the current running through your electrical system, and you shouldn't have any problems with a HID kit besides the fact that most are made in China and are not reliable at all. Just be prepared to be replacing bulbs and/or ballasts alot more than if it was OEM. You mught get lucky though, I've seen some guys running off aftermarket HID kits for over 2 years without problems. When it comes to that its a coin toss. The end results are so worth it especially for night driving, it's 2-3 times brighter, especially a 4300k. I am very impressed even from these basic halogen projectors that the beam pattern is quite wide, better than most on the road I would say. I wouldn't compare the light output to that of the 2004-2006 LS430's those were insane, capable of lighting up to 8 lanes wide, but my CT200H has no trouble with lighting up 3-4 lanes on the highway nicely, thats better than most BMW,Audi,Mercedes with Bosch and/or Valeo trash projectos. Hell my Ct200h lights up the road better than my dad IS350, and his vehicule was designed with HID, just the projectors really suck.

Hope that helps
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Ya I work at the dealer and it is quite expensive to have most aftermarket mods setup correctly as we say LOL. I f I were you I would certainly take the plunge though and go HID, most ppl that have used HID on other vehicule have a hard time going back to halogen, I being one of them. It's really not that hard and I'm sure many memebers on this board including myself would be happy to walk you through it. I'll post pictures of my setup by the end of this week when I get a sec.
I think that the HID even on our stock Halogen projectors do a marvelous job of lighting up the road, not to say the LED's aren't nice because they are amazing! I just couldn't see myself spending the extra money here in Canada to opt for the nav package in order to have the LED's.
I have to agree with @Hybrid, the illumination is much better in front and even to the sides, this is not typical of halogen projectors with HID bulbs, but I guess we got lucky. Secondly the flicker of these projectors seems to be purple which I think is amazing. They flicker purple/blue from far, and closely resemble vehicules like the Range Rover Sport/ Cadillac Escalade and 2004-2009 Nissan Maximas which use very colorful projectors, although they are not grat they have color! I am sure most ppl on this forum will appreciate the potential these projectors have!
As long as the the beam pattern and height are aimed downwards at least 0.3-0.4 inches, glare should be very minimal to oncoming traffic. However when going up a hill or down a hill during the night, don't be surprised if you get high-beamed by other drivers ;)
With my 4300k kit, there is almost no contrast difference with the LED DRL bar, it looks super clean and stock which is what I like
Well you guys are really not safe with any aftermarket kit like I said before. I purchased a kit locally in the Montreal area made by a company called Bamboo. Just make sure when you buy, the kit has a good warranty on BULBS & BALLASTS, it's preferable to buy locally so if something does go wrong you wont need to ship anything out, just have it replaced right away. Considering out vehicules electrical system is very high tech you shouldn't need a relay to the battery to keep the current to the ballast stable. I've done test and the current is fairly stable with only minor shifts when the engine shuts off/on. I would only also advise to use any aftermarket kits at night, to preserve the life, since they are not of OEM quality. I know they look amazing, but using them at night will make them last longer almost always. Our Low beams are H11, and if I remember there are a few brands I've seen online but I don't have much experience since when I bought the HID on my first Nissan Altima it was also local. I have never purcahsed a kit online.......
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In the end a HID kit is never the proper way to do things, but I do agree it is the fastest. The only rear way is to Retrofit OEM projectors (valeo,bosch, stanley, koito etc etc) with OEM ballast (matsu****a...etc.) and OEM bulbs. This however will take many many hours and is all custom work, however the end results is nothing short of spetacular.
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