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I installed the center console armrest on my 2011 CT200h.
Taking apart the dash only takes less than 5 minutes. It is very, very easy and you dont have to disconnect the battery or disconnect any cables.
Then you just drill two holes for installation.
Picture album on imgur since there are limits on how many pictures I can upload here: CT200h - Imgur

You need a drill and drill bit that will make a slightly larger hole than the screws that come with the armrest.
PZ319-76003 - Lexus PAD SET, CONSOLE
(it comes with instructions on how to take apart the dash/center console. You do not need to disconnect the battery or any wire connectors even though the directions tell you to.)
Nylon Pry Bar Installer Kit 4 Pc
Plastic Prybar Set from Harbor Freight
(this is so you dont scratch anything while prying)


1) Remove the trim piece above the radio. You open the glove box and start prying from right where the glove box button pushes in. It pulls straight out.

2) Remove the two leather side trim pieces that are on each side of the radio/center console. If you grab by the cup holder side you just pull up with your hand and then slide out. No tools needed for that.

3) Lift up the cup holder section by opening the center storage compartment and using your pry tool right at the seam in between the cup holder and the storage compartment. Work your way from the back to the front. Then just pivot it upward leaving the wires connected.

4) You will see the X marks on the inside. Drill the center of the marks. (Since a 2011 has the X marks then it seems Lexus always planned to have the armrest).

5) Now install the bolts into the arm rest. They clip in.

6) Install the armrest with the bolts into the holes.
7) Install the nuts on the backside and tighten them down. I put some locktite on them. The armrest is now installed.

8) Pivot the cup holder section back in place and clip it back down.
9) Reinstall both side leather trim pieces. Slide them in the bracket and then press down to clip them in place.
10) Reinstall the top trim piece by just pressing it back into place.

That is it. It takes a minute to put back together.
No clips broke on the dash. Everything went back together tight. Nothing is loose, nothing rattles. Real easy job. The only thing that takes time is drilling. It is a 20 minute job.


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