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I forgot - I have a couple of questions:
1. There's supposed to be an electronic device holder, but I can't find it, unless it's the rather large piece of u-shaped plastic in a beige plastic envelope in the back. Is that it?
2. What does the average miles per gallon display refer to - average for that trip or something else?
3. The dealer couldn't get my phone to pair with the bluetooth, but that may be a phone issue and not the car. I need to read some manuals!
1. the device holder is more like a triangular block with an attachment piece that fits under the stereo system above the cupholder/power outlet- it swivels and adjusts to various device sizes/phones. are you in the US? i heard that there are some non-US models that it doesn't seem to come with.
2. on my non-Nav Premium model, there are two average miles/gallon displays. a large one (that takes up most of the screen and this i believe is for the life of the car unless you reset it somehow) and a smaller one next to the real-time mpg meter (this one resets after every fillup). mine has improved over 1 months time. initially i was getting 40-42 mpg in normal/sport during the first 2 weeks, then i have recently been getting 44-47 mpg the last two weeks. i fill up approximately once/week (but often with 1/4-left in the tank - so ~7 gallon fillup).
3. yes, try another phone. i have an Android 2.2 LG Optimus and it pairs both phone and streaming audio fine via bluetooth (although there are a few idiosynchrosies you need to work around to get it consistently).
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