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Yeah, this is my one serious complaint about the car. I simply can't trust the fuel gauge.

In my last car, I had a 20 gallon tank and if it told me I was getting 19.5 MPG, I knew I could fill it up at 370 miles (hey, I leave a little buffer!) and still have a gallon in the tank.

So far, with the CT, I feel like I'm walking on eggshells. If I have an 11.9 gallon tank and the car tells me I'm getting 52 MPG, I should be able to go 600 miles before filling up and not have a second thought. Instead, I'm so worried about the incorrect meter that I usually stop as soon as the light comes on.
It's nice to have the extras giving you an idea of how many miles to expect or the light indicating low fuel. I remember a feature on my old cars called a fuel gauge. When it got to 1/4 of a tank or lower, I filled up. Oh wait, we still have fuel gauges. Maybe a little sarcastic there, but the fuel gauge should still be used always. The additional information available now is more helpful in letting you know how your driving habits affect fuel mileage or, in rare cases, if no malfunction indicator lights are on and fuel mileage is suffering severely, there might be a mechanical or emissions problem. Just my thoughts.
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