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I just completed a 2300+ mile trip from Savannah to Detroit, Grand Rapids and back to Savannah. At one point I forgot to fill up and triggered the low fuel light. It was already on when I noticed it, but I'm pretty sure it hadn't been on long.

This happened on a particularly underinhabited stretch of I 79, and it was almost 30 sweaty-palmed minutes before I found a gas station. I didn't check the cruising range until a short time after I saw the low fuel light, and it read zero.

When I filled the tank it took only 8.7 gallons. I was sure it was an error and tried to force in more gas, but it just spurted out of the filler opening.

As I recal,l the CT has a tank of approximately 12 gallons, which means I had about 3 gallons of fuel left when I was sure I was running on fumes.

Prime suspect is a faulty fuel gauge, but why would the ctuising range read zero with 3 gallons left? I'll ask the dealer when I take it in for my 5000 mile "service."
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