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Hi Insurable,

Yep - EV button is a little pointless because the car will turn the engine off at appropriate times and go EV anyway. However ... if you're just moving the car a few feet (crowded drive, letting someone out), then starting the car and hitting EV means the engine won't come on for its warm up cycle. Or I'll occasionally hit EV as I'm approaching home as it's mostly slightly downhill.

Kinda like occasional use button only where you'll think "I coulda hit my EV button there and actually used the mode" :rolleyes:

Oh - EV will also turn the heater off (I think), from remembering using EV button in stop/start crawly traffic on a chilly day :D.

EV isn't always available though, unless you hit the button quick after startup there's a warmup cycle where EV is disabled. The max EV speed limits then gradually get relaxed as the car warms up. It'll also be unavailable above 45mph.

Eco vs Normal - Eco dulls down the throttle response (more throttle input needed for same response) but it'll also reduce the energy going into the Air Con and a few other things. I'll use this when I hit stop/start traffic, kinda like a trigger to make me think "we're not going anywhere quick in this traffic, time to chill out a bit".

I suspect there's a bit more cleverness going on in the software between Eco and Normal, like Sport definitely holds on to the engine more when you're slowing down.

Pulse and glide - I dunno. I think I'd probably earn a fair bit of rage on UK roads if I tried that. People here don't think of the limit as a maximum, they think of it as a minimum. I suspect the theory relies on you freewheeling as much as possible, with engine and motor disengaged so you don't lose anything from having them spinning.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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