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Idiots guide pulse and glide in the CT200h!

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Thank you to abqpete for posting this extremely simple how-to on pulse and glide in the CT200h (it was in another thread).

I've read about it before, but nobody has laid it out to be this simple, and even after just one trip from Foster City down to San Jose last night I was able to eek significantly more mileage out of the CT.

It seems to easy, accelerate up to 40mph in a 35 keeping the needle pegged at the edge of 'power' and 'eco', then peg it on the lower line of 'eco' and charge letting it drift down to 35 or 30mph.

Rinse and repeat.

Not quite sure WHY it works, maybe it's sucking down the battery in glide mode, but it does seem to work!


I come from a 2010 Prius so it is easy for me to apply the standard pulse and glide techniques to the CT, especially since it uses the identical power train. Though I am only halfway through my first tank, I am getting about 57 indicated (so about 54 actual) overall. City only driving nets me in the low 60s depending on traffic. The technique that I use in the city is rather simple. Accelerate so that the needle on the Hybrid System Indicator is at the top of the ECO band but not into the Power range. Your target is about 5mph above the speed limit. Once you've reach the target, immediately lift off on the accelerator and then reapply slightly until the Hybrid System Indicator is riding the line between Charge and ECO. If you are using the energy flow indicator on your nav screen, you are trying to achieve neither engine nor battery usage. This dead band is the most efficient. If you have trouble holding the dead band, try for as little battery usage as possible. Glide (coast) until you are about 5mph below the speed limit and repeat as needed. If there is a stop coming up, just keep coasting in the dead band until you need to use the brakes.
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Just got my first fill up and averaged 46 mpg.
I drove most of the time in Eco mode...
Can anyone explain the difference between Eco and Normal?
And why on earth do I have an EV mode, the car never allows me to drive in EV?
Thanks.... oh, I am happy about the 46mpg..
I find that hitting the EV button just after powering on, it will stay in EV mode for som more time (than the usual 10 seconds) unless hitting the throttle hard. I find this wery useful. In this manner, i can back the car out of the garage, letting my MC out, and then drive into the garage again, without the petrol engine ever starting. This saves one unnecessary cold start for the engine.
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