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I have a CT200H Premium with Navigation (+ leather + Audio + LED Headlamps). I use Navigation system's e-Destination folders for family, schools, etc.

Problem: Once I plug my I-Touch into the USB, the e-Destinations will scroll down the list (past the initial screen) one time, but when I scroll back up and then try to go down, I cannot view the second screen. All I get it the sound of "dum" signifying I have pressed an invalid area on the screen, even though it is the correct scroll button.

Tried: I have called Lexus and they said to take it to a Lexus Service dealer. I did this and they reset the system. However, as soon as I re-plugged the I-Touch into the USB port, the problem occurred again. The Lexus Service dealer said they did not have a fix, but for me to call Lexus again.

Work Around: Until the problem is fixed, I have re-arranged the e-Destination folders so each folder only uses 5 entries (which is what the screen shows).

HELP: Is anyone else seeing this issue, and if so, has it been fixed, and if so HOW?
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