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I am an owner of a CT200h Jan/2012 with 145000km in Greece.
During the past year a have noticed that the hybrid system is behaving in a way that it didn't in the past.
I have also the feeling that, during the same period, the car is consuming slightly more fuel than it did in the past but this I can not proove.

More specifically, following incidents have happened more than once:
1. The engine of the car is running for more than 6 minutes, although the battery is 6/8 full and car has been started more than an hour ago (outside temperature 23 degrees Celsius on a morning day, air condition off),
2. Car is started for 10 minutes then parked but still started, battery 2/8 full, engine running for a while, engine stops, battery 2/8, 30 seconds later battery jumps to 3/8, then after few seconds to 4/8, then after few seconds to 5/8 (temp 20, evening, air condition off).
3. Car started for half an hour, stopped on a traffic light, battery 8/8 full, engine running for no obvious reason, then battery drops to 7/8 while car is still still on the same traffic light (temp 23, morning, air condition off). Same happens at next traffic light half a minute later. Same happens at next traffic light half a minute later. 3 times in a row!
4. Usually in the past the when at low speeds, the engine run for a while when battery dropped to 2/8, until battery regained energy up to 3/8. Latest year, engine starts when battery drops to 2/8, but stops when battery is charged to 5 or 6 out of 8!
5. In the past, a charged to 6/8 battery was sufficient for the car to start accelerating from 0km/h only with battery means (and acceleration pedal gently pressed). This past year, there are many cases where engine starts running by only (literally) touching the acceleration pedal, although battery indicator mentions 6/8 (air condition off, morning).

Couple of months ago, went to service and mentioned all that. Car passed hybrid check and everything was OK.
But still I have the impression that something is wrong with hybrid system, and the consumption is slightly increased.

Has anybody mentioned any such difference in behavior of the hybrid system of CT200h?
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