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Well reading the whole thread, only shows that there is lack of common sense on all sides of the argument. Instead of belittling people, why not make a constructive argument? Presumably the Mythbuster's article demonstrates that EMF fields (particularly magnetic fields measured in milliGauss) are not much higher in hybrids than in A conventional vehicle they measured, the Cobalt. But the article is also not comprehensive, as it does not measure Electric Fields, which are are also important to consider, as they do have proven health side effects and are regulated by governments. That article also automatically dismisses the argument that AC mag/elec fields (from alternating currents) are NOT more harmful, than DC. Well one has to look at some studies, to determine whether that is fact. There is certainly evidence to suggest that AC mag/elec fields are harmful, but it does depend on many factors like intensity, duration, flux, size of fields and etc. Some studies are listed in linked document below.

Plus some people are more sensitive than others to EMFs, this has been shown to be so, and quite a few independent studies have demonstrated this. Although some studies dismissed this notion, most of them were financed by industry. You can Google this to find out more.

So in fairness speaking, we can't undeniably state that EMF fields have 0 effect on human biological systems, they do. But to what extent, and to which people, and how, it's yet unclear. If you strongly feel sick in this particular vehicle, and you have isolated the causing factor to be the vehicle and not anything else then by all means do not drive this/such vehicles. Remember to isolate the factors since your cellphone could cause you to feel strange, if it's transmitting regularly voice/3G/4G, because of the faraday cage effect, some of radio waves will bounce inside the vehicle and may also affect you. Also get some measuring equipment, for AC/DC electric/magnetic fields and preferably 3axis, and that can do a spectrum from hz to Ghz. And learn some basic physics maybe? :) So if you are sensitive, you can measure and see if it's a causing factor.
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