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We are all well aware that living near power lines has adverse health effects. When our bodies do not like being exposed to high levels of static magnetic fields or high voltage power lines.

Both of these are present in all hybrid cars. Two strong permanent magnet motor/generators, a high voltage AC/DC inverter and a high voltage DC power line (usually traveling directly under the drivers seat).

Although the voltage in the high voltage line is no where near the 115kV of utility power lines, it is still extremely close and carries significant amperage.

The CT200h shares the same power train as a Prius, which has had wide criticisms and noticed health effects. Some drivers report feeling sick, dizzy or sleepy. One driver even fallen asleep at the wheel.

- When I drive a Prius I do not feel the same as when I drive a non hybrid car. It really does feel as if there is a good amount of electricity around me. -

Levels inside the Prius have been measured by me at 2-4mG right under my bum, sitting on the drivers seat. During braking, levels reached 8mG in the passenger seat. The rear right seat measured as high as 24mG.

Anything above 2mG is a health hazard. At 4mG you're likely to get headaches and show some form of symptom (headache, loss of memory, tiredness). At 12mG your bodies own ability to inhibit cancer through melatonin is reduced.

I fear that Lexus did not increase the shielding around the AC/DC inverter, the high voltage cabling or the battery pack.

Before I buy, I will be testing this car for the amount of radiation present in the cabin during my test drive.
Just a bunch of BS - idiot troll w/o a decent high school education, that probably uses a cell phone or stands besides someone that uses one w/o any worries.

Carrying a Geiger counter into the car - this idiot better bring a BANANA so at least there's a "blip" from the potassium decay.

Gods I hate how the Internet propagates stupidity.

Perhaps that's why the Prius & other HSD vehicles only have a few million units sold. Less than 5% of the world wide population have a degree past high school. Most hybrid owners I know are college / university level.

BTW - similar threads on other websites were DELETED by the MODS - makes me wonder WTH the CT200h moderators are up to...
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