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Huge hail storm...counting my blessings

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Here in Florida, hail storms are not the norm. I have lived here all my life (47 years) and never seen one. Yesterday, about 4 PM, the sky opened up and golfball sized hail was raining down. Not all over but in my town where I live. Every car in my neighborhood was majorly damaged with dents on the hoods, roofs and trunks. Some had windows blown out. Tree branches were down everywhere. It was a total mess. I was at my parents house in Miami and missed the storm and fortunately, my wife was at the mall in a different town so her car missed it too. When I came home literally about 10 minutes after it ended, there were balls of ice all over my front yard and on the driveway. Had I arrived home 10 minutes earlier, my car would have been a casualty. Here's a video (I didn't take it) from someone in our neighborhood. The pix I took I can't post now as they are on my computer at home...check out this video...and, turn up the volume to get the full effect...
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Pretty scary stuff for me, bondguy, considering what happened to my 2006 IS250 three weeks ago. Unlike the folks in the vid, I was on the way home when caught in a huge hailstorm. So many vehicles in my area (southcentral PA) were damaged that my repair shop can't even get to it until July 25. The 25 or so dents (I stopped counting) amount to an estimate of $1,500. At least no windows were broken. Insurance will take care of it. Just hoping I can get it done in time for the arrival of my CT for which I'm trading the IS.

Glad your vehicles were spared. Sounds like your timing was perfect.
Yikes, good timing on your part. Glad your car was not injured
Thanks know once you repaint a car it is never worth the same amount of money when you re-sell it
I also almost got caught in a hailstorm last Wednesday.... Was driving back from work and hail literally started pelting North York 30 seconds after I had driven into my garage. PHEW!

(Doubt there would be damage as the hail was at most 1/3 of a ping-pong ball...)
Local dealer here is advertising a sale for hail damaged cars, after a recent storm, someone said about 500 vehicles from his several dealerships. Offering a discount for you taking one as is from $500 to $k's.

What I like about that is he gets his insurance money, doesn't fix the vehicle and sells it at a discount (surely not for what he claimed) so all in all probably gets sticker plus.

Was only pea sized hail here by my house and I had no damage, thank God......
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